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  • NameCha Mi Jung
  • PositionTeam Manager / Customs Consultant
  • AffiliationSeoul Head Office Customer Innovation Team
  • Call+82 70 4343 7755
  • E-mailmjcha@shcs.kr
  • Business FieldCustoms Clearance, HS Code Classification, Requirement Agency Service
  • LanguageKorean, English

Major Career and Activity

■ Business Field

- Reviewing the adequacy of customs clearance for import and export

- Customs clearance and related legal advice (classification, reduction, import and export requirements, provisional/confirmation, etc.)

- Customer management


■ Major Career

- Reviewing the appropriateness of customs clearance and legal advice of foreign consumer goods (Fashion Generalization, Cosmetics, Sports, etc.) and electronic and chemical products of many customers (2013-currently)

- Education instructors and government-supported FTA business consulting by the Korea Customs Service (currently 2017-current)

- An English demonstration of the Serbian Customs Service staff at the request of the National Network Association (2019)

- WCO Tariff Evaluation Module Translation Inspection, Rulling and Case Translation in Developed Countries (2017)

- Annex of the Korea-Colombia FTA-Korea concession stand, PSR translation and inspection advice (2012)

- Dispatched work at the Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry's FTA Utilization Support Center- Consultation on FTA and customs clearance (2012)

- Members of the Customs Evaluation Forum (2018-Current)


■ Awards List

- Taxpayer's Day Tax Coordinator's Customs Commissioner's Pyochang (2019)​