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Our predecessor Seoul Customs Clearance Services was founded on March 22nd of 1965 with three employees.
Since its foundation, the Shinhan Customs Corporation has steadily grown along with the development of the economy and trade in Korea.
Currently, we have over 100 employees working in branches at 7 cities including major port of destinations, 3PL logistics company operating bonded warehouse, and customs-logistics corporation in Los Angeles, USA and Hanoi, Vietnam providing all the services needed by our customers.
Since established in 1965, we have tried our best to provide fast and accurate import/export customs clearance services every day of every year.
To further contribute to the growth of our customers, we have added other services such as audit advisory, administrative litigation agency, AEO, FTA, drawback, requirements consulting, and PL logistics. We will continue to be a leader and continue to put in our efforts to take steps towards the future with the goal of 100 years.
We would like to show our deepest appreciation to all customers and partners for working with us and helping us through. All our employees will always remember that the success and growth of our customers is our success, and we will continue to put in our best efforts to provide the best service with sincerity and excellence.
Thank you.