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Primary Services

Import and Export Clearance

About Our Duty Drawback Services
We provide system-based duty drawback error management and drawback claim agency services, as well as drawback risk management service through AS-IS analysis and TO-BE model building
We use the drawback system to operate the duty drawback business stably. In addition, our expert customs brokers specialized in duty drawback engage in System, Data and Process analysis of customers using AS-IS analysis and build TO-BE models running simulations by drawback type and requirements calculation method to prepare for potential risks

Primary Services

  • Provide customized duty drawback process establishment service through the operation of a dedicated duty drawback consulting staff
  • Realize increase in amount of customs duty drawback understanding the status of duty drawback and changing the calculation method
  • Use balance management system to minimize duty drawback error by accurately managing import and export data, yield ratio, and balances
  • Duty drawback pre-audit consulting services in preparation for potential risks such as drawback audit
  • Minimize the collection risk by actively responding to customs issues during drawback audit
  • We offer customer site visits for duty drawback education services on request

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